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Although Not Harmful, Head Crust in Babies Must Be Cleaned

Maybe you feel surprised when you see your baby's scalp looks like there is dandruff. No need to worry, what you see is head crust which is common in newborns. Although not dangerous, but this condition still needs to be treated. Head crust or cradle cap is a general term for seborrheic dermatitis in medical terms. Laymen know him by the term dandruff which is common in children and adults. Marked Oily Scales The crust of the head is characterized by the appearance of layers resembling scales which are oily and yellow in color, especially on the baby's scalp. This condition can also occur around the ears, eyebrows, baby's eyelids, or in the armpits and other body folds. The cause of the appearance of head crust is not known with certainty. However, this is not caused due to poor hygiene or allergies. Head crust may be caused by hormones that the baby receives from the mother at the end of pregnancy, which stimulates many baby oil-producing glands (sebaceous). Irritat
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Is it Safe to Use Seat Belts for Pregnant Women

Driving by car is required to wear a seat belt or safety belt for personal safety. So it is with you who are pregnant. However, some pregnant women still doubt its safety. Actually you don't need to worry about making your seat belt uncomfortable and hurting your baby, as long as it's used the right way. Seat belts should still be worn whenever pregnant women travel by car, even if only on short trips. Protection from seat belts Seat belts are used to prevent motorists from getting seriously injured in an accident. Some of the protections that can be obtained from the use of seat belts, including: Keeping you in the vehicle and not being thrown outside the vehicle. So as to avoid more severe injuries. Helps maintain the head and upper body of the car dashboard during a collision. In addition, seat belts also protect against head and spinal injuries in an accident, which can be fatal. Hold the body part firmly, especially the hips and shoulders, the position where the s

Pregnant Women How To Overcome Jet Lag Due To Long Journey

Being pregnant does not mean that you cannot travel long distances by plane. However, you must be prepared with the possibility of experiencing jet lag. Although boarding a plane for pregnant women is considered safe, you should always consult with your doctor first, especially if there are health problems or problems in pregnancy. Some airlines issue their own policies for pregnant women who will fly. If you are more than 28 weeks pregnant, you may be asked to bring a doctor's certificate, to ensure safety during the flight. Long Distance Travel Jet lag generally occurs in people who travel by plane across several time zones, which causes the body's biological rhythm to be out of line with the new destination time. The biological rhythm is a circadian rhythm that helps the body know when to sleep and be awake. Jet lag can happen to anyone, pregnant women are no exception. Jet lag symptoms usually occur around 1-2 days after you travel across two time zones. Some jet lag

Can the vagina return to normal after delivery

If the mother gives birth to a baby normally through the vagina, the mouth of the vagina will widen so that the baby can pass through it. Naturally the size of the vagina after childbirth can change. It's likely to feel wider, looser, softer, more open, even accompanied by bruising or swelling. Do not be ashamed, changes in vaginal size are normal, as changes in the body of the mother after giving birth. In fact, this impact can be more felt on the Mother who gave birth to a big baby. However, the swelling and opening of the vagina will begin to decrease after a few days of giving birth. Depends on Various Factors However, whether the vagina will return to its original size before giving birth depends on a number of factors, including the size of the baby's mother, the number of children she has, genetics, and whether the mother does Kegel exercises regularly or not. In fact, the size of the vagina after childbirth will return smaller, although it may not completely retu

Black lines on the belly of pregnant women, what causes it and can disappear

Pregnant women, do you have dark lines that run from the pubic area to the navel or even through the navel? The line is called the pregnancy line or linea nigra. Actually, the line was there even before pregnancy, but the color is faint invisible. Actually linea nigra is something that is natural from pregnancy. However, some pregnant women may feel disturbed and are curious when and how this line can disappear, or at least be as vague as before pregnancy. Normal Conditions of Pregnancy During pregnancy, the skin also changes as other body parts of pregnant women. Skin problems of pregnant women, including stretched skin and color can also change. The stretched skin aims to compensate for the enlarged pregnant belly and belly. Meanwhile, pregnant belly lines that turn black occur due to high levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone in pregnant women. Both of these hormones stimulate melanocyte cells in the skin to produce melanin, which is a dark skin pigment. This hormo